WHY TRY ACUPUNCTURE? (because I did and it changed my life!)


Let’s be honest, I didn’t skip or glide or fall into Chinese Medicine, I went kicking and screaming.

I’d only ever had “Dry needling” or “Western Acupuncture” done by a physiotherapist, and had left feeling pretty indifferent about acupuncture as a whole. *


That all changed in mid 2009 when I was training for a natural body building competition and finishing my PT certification. I was in the gym doing some basic olympic lifting when I slipped on a mat trying to launch the bar above my head and coat hanged myself instead. 


Diagnosis: Bruised ego and a slipped disc at L2…


Even though the pain was debilitating, I expected my body to be back in the gym in a week. Bit of physiotherapy, a chiropractor and whoever else I could call on, and I’d be right, right?! 


Two months later, referral after referral, to chiropractors and physiotherapists, and I was still having terrible sciatica pain. Pain that kept me up all night.  Finally, a friend stepped in, said I looked terrible (thanks, friend) and recommended I try something different… You guessed it, acupuncture! Reluctantly I went… How much worse could it get anyway?


One session in, I was hooked. The pain went from a constant 8/10 to a 3/10 after one hour of treatment. Three weeks later I was back in the gym and living la vida loca on the dance floor!


How was this possible? I looked at my routine. Had I stretched more, slept more, eaten better? There was no way it could be-, no way it was the-, no way I was giving the credit to some woo woo needles. But the evidence mounted. I couldn’t argue with the results. Acupuncture had healed me.


Too often in our own health journeys, we are unknowingly limited by what’s close and familiar and been-done-before. I took a chance six years ago, desperate and having “exhausted all options”, to seek acupuncture. Fast forward to now, and I’m running my own chinese medicine practise at AcuFit, have a whole new and passionate outlook to health, and treat scores of clients for everything under the sun! 


I’m not relaying this because I believe Acupuncture is the best thing for you (even though generally I would say it is) but because I implore you to find out and shop what works best for you.  


If your health has plateaued or you don’t feel any better after weeks and months of treatment, make a change.  If someone tells you won’t get any better or you’ll suffer with an ailment for the rest of your life, do not listen to them, make a change.


Find someone who provides you with solutions and answers to your questions and concerns.  If you’re seeing a specialist, or a physiotherapist, or a chiropractor or a massage therapist, or an osteopath or even an acupuncturist, and you’re not feeling better- MAKE A CHANGE!


If I can’t help you then I will try my darndest to find a practitioner or treatment approach that will. Because first and foremost, my clients and their health/pain, matters to me.



Stay healthy and happy!


Your favourite acupuncturist,






* It was only until I started studying Chinese Medicine that I realised that dry needling and Acupuncture are definitely not the same thing!