It is funny how we complicate things.

We complicate our diets, our exercise regimes our small daily tasks.

For me: I complicated my logo for months and months.

I thought I needed to change the name and the design dramatically.

I was wrong.  I needed to simplify.

I needed a clear and simple direction. Instead, I pussy-footed around for far too long.

All in search of perfection. But every time I changed something, the goal posts moved. I wanted to change something else.

When we look at our lives we think- everything needs to be radically different. But it doesn’t. 

Things just need to be super clear and super simple.

If you want a better relationship- be clear and honest.

If you want a better body/health- be clear and consistent.

If you want a better job- be clear and authentic.

If you’re reading this- Stop what you’re doing.

Get clear. Start with simple. Start with honesty.

Eamon 🙂