Migraines and Headaches: 5 Steps to long-lasting relief, Today!

We all know headaches and Migraines can be excruciating. They can last for a minute or an hour, or in some cases can be episodic over many years.


This kind of pain brings people to their knees; by the time they come to me, they’re willing to try anything. Luckily, I can help.


The key point to remember when it comes to pain there are generally SYMPTOMS and then there is the ROOT of the problem.  The nature of the pain receptors in the body are incredibly complex. Just because pain is in one spot or covering an entire area, it doesn’t mean what’s causing the pain is in the same location.


This is where acupuncture comes in! The focus is to stimulate the body’s systems to re-correct the pathways that are causing the headaches and pain. When the needle is inserted, the brain registers the needle’s presence and sends information around the body to start relieving pain.


Acupuncture works amazingly for headaches by:


1.  Stimulating Acupuncture points to encourage the production of endorphins (natural painkillers) to travel to the area of pain.


2.  Beginning a process of reducing inflammation and pressure in the site of pain.


3.  Encouraging the normal function of the Nervous, Hormonal, Circulatory and Physiological systems.


With this approach the body starts to address not only relieving the pressure and pain of the headache, but also addresses the real cause of the pain.


In my clinical experience, often times a general broad headache across the head, following needle insertion, focuses on one point of pain.


One woman in her 50s had a headache that was akin to a dull ache all over her head.  She likened the pressure and pain to wearing a tight helmet.  After the first needles were inserted she felt only pain on the left side of her head and the right side pain was alleviated. As we address the whole area, the root of the problem commonly falls into one spot.


If you spend all your time addressing or suppressing the symptoms with medication or supplements you will only see short term relief and it is impossible to treat the root of the problem. As your body gets used to pain-killing medication, it builds up a natural resistance to the drug. This means you’re unable to maintain the levels of relief you were previously experiencing.


The only solutions are to increase the dosage of your medication or to be prescribed a new, stronger drug.


Headaches and Migraines occur and effect people differently.  Some come in fixed tension or clusters, others are constant and in an overall ache.  All cases have different levels of severity but all are debilitating to daily life. It is time to take action and to look for natural solutions.


Key things to address when suffering a headache:


      Diet: watch out for foods containing sugars and preservatives (#1 baddies but not the only foods to address)


      Sleep: Quality and quantity of sleep is important


      Stress: Find 10 minutes of relaxation everyday- Lunchtime is the best time.


      Water: Making sure the body is properly hydrated and getting the right minerals.


And my Favourite:

      Keep a Headache and Migraine Daily Diary!

Write down the Severity, location of, duration, and the amount of headaches you suffered.


Diarising your headaches is ESSENTIAL for treatment and fast tracking your recovery.  It allows us to focus directly on the pain and give you the fastest and longest lasting pain relief possible.


IF you’ve had enough of headaches and ready for a natural approach to feeling great.

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