Is the Guru allowed to get Sick?!


I am by no means suggesting I’m a Health Guru, but as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who dabbles in all things in my pursuit of wellness, I find that a lot of the time people find joy in trying to catch myself and other health industry people out if our meals aren’t gluten free or if we haven’t meditated today.


Dealing with the expectation that you should act and feel 100% all the time is quite a confronting notion but a recent bout with gastro has put my mind at ease and, thank god, my stomach ;D


22nd June 2016 4pm:


I was cruising along enjoying my day when at about 4pm I felt some cramping in my stomach.. I thought it was nothing, but after a while i began to feel nauseous and that’s when I had to run to bathroom..! For about 2 hours I was in an out of bathroom and I was really frustrated. I no longer felt nauseous and actually felt my normal self- other than the fact that I had to go the bathroom.. constantly.


The first thought that went through my mind was “Oh sh*t.. The health professional is sick. Not a good look and not great for business” But then I thought, I’ll make my way to kitchen, take charge of my heath and start supplementing my way to glory. The positive approach is the only approach!


I started with ACV, Sodium Bicarb and 1 lemon, made up a concoction and that went straight down the hatch. It’s so important to make sure your blood’s pH is alkaline right off the bat because the acidity is what’s causing your problem and slowing your healing. The ACV has got the good bacteria that’s going to help smother whatever bad bacteria is causing your problem.


Once that was down I took One tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth. If you haven’t earthed before- you need to get across that asap, but start in small dosages, its highly nutrient dense and can be a shock going through the digestive system. Every traditional culture in the world used the natural clays available to them to supplement their diets, treat illnesses and clean their water.


Diatomaceous earth and all clays are amazing as they are absorptive and adsorptive which means they have a dual nature in finding the ‘bad guys’, stopping them in their tracks and safely processing them out of the body.


Next I hit up my Iodine, MSM and Essential Minerals (all natural) with half a litre of water because not only do I want the problem to disappear, I want my immune system and every function in my body to be strong whilst its fighting. I also want it to be strong when the sickness is gone.


Finally, when that had all settled, I took a collagen supplement with a probiotic to ensure the whole process was as gentle on my digestive tract as possible and that my whole body was being supported.


After I went downstairs to chill out and do a small meditation, I reflected on something that was quite profound for me…


I don’t think the goal is to be and feel 100% all the time- chances are the stresses in life will affect your health in some respect at some point. I think everyone has to equip themselves with the information out there to be able to treat themselves and know where to look when the shit hits the fan. The knowledge is out there and chances are your body intuitively knows what it needs, you just have to take action.


 I woke up today feeling amazing, and better than I felt before I got sick.. Sometimes the body needs a good clean out, and you need to let it happen. Remember the body only has a few ways to get toxins and disease out of the body. If you’re running to the bathroom, chances are your body needs it to happen. Shit happens, literally 😉


Try to source individuals who offer you solutions to your problems. Never tolerate the “unfortunately there’s nothing to be done, it’ll be with you for the rest of your life” & “Your cross to bear” BS.


Much love and gratitude for reading this and taking control of your health. Acu-Fit was founded on the notion that Health and Wellness are our rights and will continue to be there to assist and aid you in your own personal journey!


Eamon 🙂