1 for 1 Healthcare

Why am I aligning with charities?

The bulk of our clinical focus at AcuFit is on supporting local women in our Wollongong and South Coast community achieve the most optimal level of health.

We have a 4 step process when treating fertility with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

  1. Place the body in the most fertile state for conception.
  2. To create the most pain/symptom free and nausea-free pregnancy
  3. To have a relaxed and calm birth 
  4. Finally, to rebuild their bodies up in the critical but often neglected postnatal phase.

But, we would love to extend our treatments to support other women in disadvantaged positions have safer pregnancy, births.

We have decided to make a 1-1 philosophy at the core ethos of our business.
Every time a patient comes in to our clinic for Women’s health we will donate to our focus charity for the month!

So by best investing in yourself you’re also investing in your greater community, local and global.

It’s a win-win.

Our Focus Charity for the next month/s is Caring for Kiriwina.

Kiriwina Island in PNG is home to a beautiful island people. There is no doctor on the island and recently tow of the senior midwives have retired.

In rural PNG, the mortality rate in childbirth is 1:7, with a maternal mortality rate of 1 in every 120 live births.

When I completed the Kokoda Trail in 2011 I learned about the strong connection between Australians and the Papua New Guinean community built in WW2. I’m truly honoured and excited for our focus to be supporting the population on Kiriwina Island increase the quality of birth support, safety and reduce the infant and maternal mortality.

Let’s invest in our healths for ourselves and for one another!

Eamon 🙂