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Licensed and Registered Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Thirroul and Wollongong NSW.

Hi! Welcome to Acu-Fit Acupuncture!

Our two practices have very different focuses so be sure to pick the location that’s right for your needs.

Wollongong: Women’s Health. Fertility + Pregnancy support.

Thirroul: Chinese Medicine GP. Aches and Pain, Sinus problems, digestive issues, skin complaints; and Animal and Vet Acupuncture.

We are a family practice that opened it’s doors to the Northern Suburbs of the Illawarra in 2016. 

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has touched my mother Jane’s and my life in such a profound way that we had to study it, master it and share it with our community.

If you scroll down you will be able to see more of who we are and how we came to treat people.

IF 2019 is looking the same way 2018 did- it is time to make a change!

Eamon + Jane.

Eamon’s Story

Eamon O’Connor

In 2009, 2 slipped discs led me to trying Acupuncture, changing my life and embarking on a 4 year degree where I traveled to Beijing to work and intern in a Chinese hospital. (imagine what it could for you).

Seeing how mind-blowingly quick Acupuncture worked on injuries and pain was one thing, but seeing it address internal diseases such as gynaecological issues was truly amazing.

Fast-forward to 2019: I’m completely pain-free and directing my Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine focus to supporting Women’s health, Pregnancy: Prenatal, Post natal and Labour Induction; and also Fertility.

Why is 100% of my focus on women? Every single amazing woman in my life from Mum, sister, girlfriend and friends has experienced some symptom of the Menstrual cycle such as a bloating, pain and stress.

Helping women successfully fall pregnant with their partners and deliver a happy healthy baby is a true joy to see in clinic.

In particular I enjoy working with women in the first 40 days following the birth as we believe it is a pivotal time to rebuild and recover.

The approach of Acu-Fit is to identify what works best for the individual and find a treatment plan which works best for you. Not Emma, Claire or Kim- YOU.

I believe we are all capable of feeling amazing day-in & day-out. But sometimes in life, we get hit with a really challenging period. Whether it’s chronic painful periods stopping you from exercising, or a baby that just loves giving mum lower back pain we need to take on a comprehensive approach to resolving our ailments. If we work by a bandaid approach we won’t get results- it takes real work.

But the results can be game-changing.

Having been in your shoes before- I know You don’t want BS you want results.  The difference between this clinic and others, is we get that.  You don’t want to be spending your afternoon reading an Acupuncture brochure or scouring the internet for information for home remedies for PMS, you want to be pain free and enjoying your life.

Lucky for you Acupuncture and pain-free are synonymous with each other 🙂

Try Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Today. Now. 🙂

Jane’s Story

My name is Jane Beniac, the newest member of the Acu-Fit team. I am an AHPRA registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, based in the Thirroul Acu-Fit Holistic Wellness Centre.

I came to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine following an arthritic condition in my hands that caused excruciating pain and clawing of my fingers.  The pain and degeneration of my fingers was so invasive in my life that I was willing to try anything.

In 2012, a hand specialist recommended that I break each of the bones in my fingers and hands and insert steel rods in place in order to make them heal straight. Needless to say, an invasive operation on my hands with no certainty of success, left me disillusioned and concerned.

Seeing what tremendous results my son Eamon had experienced with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine I believe it could do the same for me.

7 years later… I am pain-free and a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

If it can work for me, it can work for YOU.

The diversity of patients and conditions that I have seen over the last four years has highlighted the power behind the medicine and its ability to improve quality of life.

I am motivated by seeing people return to the things they like to do and, generally being able to enjoy and make lifestyle changes that improve their quality of life. If you feel that you are ready to try a new treatment option give us a call at Acu-Fit.

Come and visit us at Acu-Fam 🙂 the pain-free Acupuncture Family !